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WPSSO Mobile App Meta

for Apple's mobile Safari and Twitter's App Card

Plugin NameWPSSO Mobile App Meta (WPSSO AM)
SummaryWPSSO extension to provide Apple Store / iTunes and Google Play App meta tags for Apple's mobile Safari and Twitter's App Card.
Stable Version1.7.18
Requires At LeastWordPress 3.7
Tested Up ToWordPress 4.7.4
Tags / Keywordsapp store, mobile app, app card, mobile, itunes, googleplay, google play, meta tags, app banner, safari, twitter app card, twitter card


Promote your website mobile App as a banner in Apple's mobile Safari.

Add Twitter App Card meta tags to Apple Store and/or Google Play mobile Apps product pages.

Prerequisite — WPSSO Mobile App Meta (WPSSO AM) is an extension for the WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin, which automatically generates complete and accurate meta tags + Schema markup from your content for Social Sharing Optimization (SSO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Quick List of Features

WPSSO AM Free / Basic Features

WPSSO AM Pro / Power-User Features

Mobile App Meta Tags

Extends the WPSSO Plugin

The WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin is required to use the WPSSO AM extension.

The WPSSO AM Free extension works with the WPSSO Free or Pro plugin. The WPSSO AM Pro extension (along with all WPSSO Pro extensions) requires the WPSSO Pro plugin as well.

Purchase the WPSSO Mobile App Meta (WPSSO AM) Pro extension here (all purchases include a No Risk 30 Day Refund Policy).


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Other Notes

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