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WPSSO Ratings and Reviews / Replies with Schema Aggregate Ratings (Including WooCommerce)

Plugin NameWPSSO Ratings and Reviews
SummaryWPSSO Core add-on provides ratings and reviews for WordPress comments with Aggregate Rating meta tags, and optional Schema Review markup.
Stable Version1.5.3
Requires At LeastWordPress 3.8
Tested Up ToWordPress 5.1.1
Tags / Keywordsstar rating, aggregate rating, review, google, schema, comment, knowledge graph, product rating, product review, meta tags, schema review, schema markup, woocommerce


Extends the WordPress comment system with ratings and reviews:

Does not conflict with WooCommerce ratings and reviews:

The WooCommerce plugin settings are checked, and if WooCommerce product reviews are enabled (or the Yotpo Reviews for Woocommerce plugin is active), the original WooCommerce product review feature is left as-is.

Provides Schema Aggregate Rating meta tags and JSON-LD markup:

Google reads aggregate rating meta tags (or the optional Schema JSON-LD markup) to add star ratings to search results (WPSSO JSON Pro add-on required for JSON-LD markup). WooCommerce product ratings and reviews are also included in the aggregate rating meta tags and JSON-LD markup.

Includes complete Schema Review as optional JSON-LD markup:

Including information about the review (author name, creation time, excerpt, rating), along with the threaded replies / comments for each review (WPSSO JSON Pro add-on required for JSON-LD markup).

No templates to modify or update!

Simply activate / deactivate the plugin to enable / disable the addition of ratings and reviews.

WPSSO Core Plugin Prerequisite

WPSSO Ratings and Reviews (aka WPSSO RAR) is an add-on for the WPSSO Core Plugin (Free or Pro version).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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